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Twitter Space has been deactivated, Elon Musk removes it after talk with journalists

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Elon Musk is the absolute owner of Twitter, and he is modifying the norms, the rules, the promises and the functionalities at will.

He has his right to do it, of course, since he has spent 40,000 million to be able to do it, but every time he makes a decision, he is questioned by thousands of people around the world. Now it is the turn of Twitter Spaces, the audio function that allows us to chat in a group, born after the success of Clubhouse during the pandemic.

The fact is that this function has been disabled, with no estimated return date, without knowing the reason, although everything indicates that it was the group chat that Elon Musk joined a few hours ago, organized by BuzzFeed reporter Katie Notopoulos.

In said talk, they talked about the blocking of 10 journalists who were in charge of sharing the location in real time of Elon Musk, including links to Mastodon, where the map continues to be seen. One of the blocked journalists was Mashable’s Matt Binder, as well as Drew Harwell of the Washington Post. Both joined in on the talk, as did Jack Sweeney, the student behind ElonJets, the account that shared the position of Elon Musk’s private plane.

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The conversation got quite heated, with accusations to all sides, and Musk did not like that such topics could be discussed in such a “free” way. Elon Musk changed his attitude towards elonjets after he harassed the car where his son was going, and now neither the talk they had nor the function that allows them to create new ones is available. Surely everything will return to normal in a while, but it is clear that the concept of freedom of expression is extremely subjective in these times.

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