Twitter shows more tweets from unfollowed users

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The Twitter algorithm, in charge of selecting what content it shows users, will continue to evolve in a controversial direction for some: showing more content from users who are not being followed.

Twitter applies algorithms that select the tweets that are displayed on the timeline based, among other factors, on user preferences.

This is one of the changes advanced from Twitter through the formula “expand recommendations for all users”, something that other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram also apply under the premise of “showing better content” and which, basically, means that the appearance of publications from users who spread promotional and/or advertising content (of payment).

Twitter has announced this novelty by referring to a previous publication on its official blog in which it explained the operation of its content selection algorithm that allows content to appear on the timeline but also in other locations such as the Explore section and others.

This is especially significant since the addition of the sparkling icon that appears in the upper right corner of the timeline and allows you to select featured or especially relevant content to appear, instead of the “pure and hard” chronology more focused on user tweets. to which the most recent ones continue to be prioritized over the most relevant ones.

It would be in this last modality, the one that allows give preference to more relevant tweetswhere Twitter would increase the presence of these tweets from users who are not followed and in which the chronological order takes a backseat.

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These changes already led to protests months ago that made Instagram rectify and qualify the inclusion of publications from users who were not being followed, but that was in the “pre-Musk era”, and with the new address on the social network these changes They could now be incorporated more intensively.

A nature that, in fact, It is part of the essence of, for example, TikTokwhere it is the automated content curation that prevails in the way in which the successful and viral videos are shown to the users of the social network.