Twitter revolutionizes microblogging: Increases character limit to 25,000

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Since Elon Musk took the reins at Twitter, the platform has implemented a number of changes, and the most recent one is quite significant: the character limit for a tweet has been extended to 25,000 for paid users.

A few months ago, Twitter he increased his character limit to 4,000 and later to 10,000. Now, this revolutionary measure transforms the nature of microblogging, allowing users to post the equivalent of long-form articles or short stories in a single tweet.

How do long-form tweets work?

These long-form tweets, known as NoteTweets, offer new possibilities of expression on the platform. Not only has the character limit been extended, but text formatting features such as bold and italics have also been introduced to help users structure and highlight parts of their content.

Advantages for Twitter Blue subscribers

These changes are not the only benefits for subscribers to Twitter Blue. Recently, the social network has also allowed these users to upload longer videos. If before the limit was 60 minutes in 1080p, now users can upload videos of up to two hours in length.

Comparison with other platforms

By comparison, other social media platforms have much lower character limits per post. For example, Mastodon allows only 500 characters per post and Bluesky Limit posts to 300 characters. This makes the expansion of Twitter all the more remarkable.

Implications of character expansion

This revolution in the way content is posted on Twitter can have a significant impact on how people consume information on the platform. While these long tweets can be tedious for some users, for others they can be an opportunity to share and consume information in a more detailed and in-depth way.

It’s clear that with these changes, Musk is looking to innovate and expand the possibilities of Twitter. However, it is also true that these long-lasting tweets can alter the original dynamics of the platform, based on brevity and speed. Only time will tell if this measure becomes an improvement or a complication.

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