Twitter only wants your money: this is how the blue and yellow check will work from now on

twitter only wants your money: this is how the blue
twitter only wants your money: this is how the blue

pay check blue twitter

The one who warns is not a traitor. As promised by Elon Musk, the days of the old verification process for the blue mark on Twitter are numbered. Twitter will remove the blue check from accounts that had achieved that verification before Musk acquired the company. But is there a way to keep it?

Twitter first introduced verified accounts in 2009 to help users identify accounts of celebrities, politicians, companies and brands, news organizations, and thus avoid falling for hoaxes or parodies. However, this was something free, from which the social network did not obtain any kind of benefit. this will change from April 1 for all users from any country.

Why does it cost money?

The only option is to pay the Twitter Blue subscription monthly or have a verified plan focused on companies. The monthly cost in Spain is 8 eurosalthough we can choose the annual plan with which we will save 12% (one euro per month).

Musk believes that Twitter’s old verification system was “corrupted” since they could only be accessed by a certain audience; which also often inherited the verified account. So now any paying customer will be able to have their account verified, while contributing to Twitter’s revenue. In fact, in a statement to his employees, Musk said the company would need about half of its revenue to come from subscription services to survive the next economic downturn.

Before this radical change in the verification system, Twitter had more than 420,000 verified accounts. It will be necessary to see if this decision affects negatively (if there are fewer users who want to keep the blue check) or positively (by making it accessible to anyone).

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check blue twitter

Also for golden beads

Twitter recently introduced a gold checkmark to companies and brands; although it should also be noted that the verification mark for government accounts has been changed to grey. Additionally, Twitter has launched its Verified Organizations program, in which businesses can pay to have verified accounts.

In the case of being a company or a brand, the only way to maintain the gold or gray check mark on Twitter will be by paying $1,000 a month (plus tax) and $50 per month (plus tax) for each additional affiliate subaccount. These are prices for accounts in the United States, although it is expected to have a similar cost in other countries.

This subscription service offers its subscribers a variety of benefits, including a check mark, the ability to post tweets of up to 4,000 characters, the option to edit tweets, a reduction in the number of ads they see, and the ability to upload videos up 60 minutes in Full HD resolution. In addition, the tweets will also be more prominent on the Twitter timeline, which can increase visibility among subscribers.