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Twitter officially blocks all third-party apps

Twitter officially blocks all third-party apps
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Twitter has officially confirmed that it is blocking all third party apps that are used to manage accounts on this social network, as is the case with Tweetbot, Hootsuite and other multiplatform management apps.

Aviar y, Birdie, Echofon, Tweetbot or Twiterrific are some of the apps developed by third parties that allow (allowed) to manage the publication on Twitter

third-party apps officially blocked by Twitter

Many users of this type of app have been experiencing various problems in recent days, basically focused on the impossibility of consulting the timeline or making publications. In fact, it was suspected that the reason for all the apps crashing could be a blockade by Twitter itself something that is now officially confirmed.

The company has announced that no longer allows third parties to develop their own Twitter client applications having updated the terms of the agreements for developers. In them, a new clause has been introduced in the “Restrictions” section that specifies that “Developers may not create a substitute or service or product similar to Twitter.”

This decision ends the usefulness of apps like Aviary, Birdie, Echofon, Tweetbot, Twitterrific and others that until now took advantage of the Twitter API to offer their own management of this social network. Of course there will be no possibility that other developers can, in the future, offer new applications.

The failures began to occur on Thursday of last week but until the past the response from Twitter was absolute silence, then explanations were offered in the sense that work was being done to strengthen said API (the set of instructions that allow third parties to manage a certain platform).

From Twitter has not been notified at any time third-party developers of upcoming changes and no API rules violations have been alleged, it just appears that platform policy has changed so that third parties outside the platform are no longer allowed to deploy their own applications compatible.

At the same time, it has already been confirmed removal from app stores respective of some of these third-party apps, such as Twiterrific for iOS and Mac, which are no longer found in the Apple App Store. From now on (and if the situation does not change) the only way to use Twitter will be through the official application for iOS and Android or from the web browser. Others, like Tweetbot, will have to face the problem of returning their users’ subscriptions, who will now not be able to use the contracted service.