Twitter now allows you to use NFT files as a profile picture

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1640252675 449 twitter logo.jpg
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Twitter already allows some of its users use NFT files as profile picture. With this movement, the social network intends to position itself in the thriving market for “non-fungible tokens”, which in recent months have skyrocketed in popularity and, above all, in profitability. In fact, Twitter thus becomes the first major platform to integrate these files. This is ahead of Meta, which is considering launching an NFT store on Facebook and Instagram.

Users of Twitter Blue, the social network’s payment method, will be able to put an “intangible digital file” as an avatar image

At the moment, this feature will only be available in the United States and for users of Twitter Blue, the paid version of Twitter, which allows enjoy additional features, for a payment of $2.99 ​​per month.

Twitter Blue is a modality of the social network presented last summer and that until now has only been implemented in four countries: Canada, Australia, the United States and New Zealand.

In recent months, the memes and profile photos of the “Bored Apes”, the monkey with a cap or crown and sunglasses, had already become popular on Twitter. one of the most recognizable icons in the NFT world. However, these were normal files with no relation to “intangible digital assets”.

From now on, paying Twitter subscribers will be able to assert their ownership of an NFT. This will imply that the social network enables a link to the user’s digital wallet of NFTs. In this way, its ownership of the file in question is verified.

These images will look different than non-NFT photos. The new avatars will be displayed in the form of a hexagon, instead of in the shape of a circle. Users will be able to click on the image to obtain more information about its creator.