Twitter loses lawsuit accusing Indian government of censorship

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O twitter had its lawsuit filed against the government of India filed by the country’s Justice. The accusation was that the Indian authorities were applying “disproportionate and arbitrary” medications to certain posts removed from the social network in February 2021, a period in which agricultural workers protested against the State.

According to information from the Edgadget, during the labor demonstrations, India demanded that Twitter take down publications that reported the case against the government. The requirement was accompanied by an alleged threat of arrest for employees of the US company if the request was not met and the posts removed.

This situation placed Twitter in a checkpoint, as if the company did not meet the governmental interests in question, it would be subject to sanctions from the country. In August 2021, the social network chose to remove content that opposed the government, including blocking the account of a non-profit organization that criticized restrictions on the press in India.

Twitter, however, sued the Indian government on the grounds of censorship and had the case ultimately dismissed by the High Court of Karnataka. “Your client (Twitter) was notified and your client did not comply. The penalty for non-compliance is seven years of imprisonment and a fine.

Twitter loses lawsuit accusing Indian government of censorship

The magistrate also concluded by pointing out that “Therefore, you [o advogado do Twitter] given no reason to delay compliance, over a year delay… then all of a sudden you comply and approach the Court. You are not a farmer, but a billion dollar company.”

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