Twitter lets you listen to podcasts in a new tab

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Officially, Twitter has added podcasts to its content, thanks to a trial version it has launched of Twitter Spaces, the social network’s voice chat rooms that emerged in 2020 in response to Clubhouse, in which the possibility of listening to this type of content through a personalized list that uses the user’s interests as criteria.

Podcasts on Twitter will be heard through Twitter Spaces

To that end, the tab Twitter Spaces will have a specific section called Stationswhere thematic combinations of podcasts from the RSS feed of Twitter audio events will appear.

Its operation is similar to a Pandora platform station, although for voice audio. It is quite far from the usual “à la carte” consumption of podcasts in applications such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify – for which podcasts are the cornerstone of their strategy – where the user individually selects episodes or programs.

The Twitter algorithm will learn from the user’s interests and tastes so that the more podcasts he listens to, the more he will refine his recommendations, although these podcast “playlists” already have the initial basis that the Twitter algorithm for showing tweets to The user already has prior information about their patterns of interest in terms of content.

And not only that, but from Twitter it is stated that it will try to take into account the tastes of those users who are followed as a “recommendation” made by a third party, as Evan Jones, Product Director of Twitter.

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Initially, the podcasts in Twitter Spaces will be available to a small group of users, in the testing phase, and only with content in English. To face this new function of the social network, a statistic based on own data has been taken into account that encrypts in a 45% the percentage of Twitter users who also listen to podcasts monthly.