Twitter launches the “Circles”, to tweet only for the “best friends”

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Twitter, the social network that was just bought by Elon Musk, has launched “Circles”, a tool very similar to the “Close Friends” that Instagram introduced a few years ago.

Twitter users will be able to build a “Circle” of up to 150 friends and post messages intended solely for that group

The company had already announced last summer that it was working on a function with these characteristics and, as of this week, a small group of users can already use this tool that allows publications intended only for a group of a maximum of 150 friends.

The company has recognized that this feature is still in the early stages of testing. At the moment, it is not planned to be made available to all Twitter users. However, users who do not have “Circles” available will be able to see the tweets of their contacts who do have this function and have included them in their list of close friends.

Twitter recommends to its users that, when building their «Circle», Introduce those people you interact with most often. Tweeters are free to include people who are not following them in their “Circles”, but that does not mean that their tweets will appear in the timeline of those users.

Likewise, when a user responds to a tweet posted by a member of their “Circle”, the rest of the group members will also be able to see that reaction.

When a user adds a person to his «Circle», or when he deletes it from it, this you will not receive a notification informing you that you are part of that group. In addition, each user can only generate one «Circle».

To tweet addressed only to the «Circle», it will be necessary to click on the circle icon that will appear at the top of the box in which the tweet is written. When clicking on this circle, you will have to uncheck the “Everyone” option to select “Twitter Circle” instead.


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