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Twitter launches full-screen video scrolling imitating TikTok

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The infinite scroll of videos on TikTok becomes more and more a benchmark, already imitated by Instagram Reels and now even Twitter adopts the ability of the endless vertical scrolling through your videosin an attempt to make the user experience more immersive.

A new tab will facilitate the continuous and full screen tour of the videos published on Twitter

The operation is included in an update of the Twitter app that begins its distribution in the coming days in a staggered manner through different countries, both on iOS and Android, but initially only in the English version of the application.

Once the application has been updated, after clicking on the video to play it in full screen, it will be possible to scroll continuously through an incessant flow of videos. Additionally Twitter will add a specific tab that will give access to a carousel where a selection of the most popular videos of the social network will be displayed.

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This new way of displaying the videos represents a decisive change in the very essence of Twitter which, until now, has been showing the videos as part of a tweet but with this new viewing mode it dispenses with the format of the tweets in which they appear embedded the videos to give them their own entity.

In this way, a completely different experience is achieved from what “traditional” Twitter supposes, cornering the dynamics of the tweets to emulate the way TikTok works. A different experience with a different handling precisely because of that constant flow of full-screen video content that perhaps, over time, ends up having its own tab on Twitter.

It remains to be seen whether, as in TikTok, Twitter will also have to end up developing some kind of remedy in order to avoid the problems of infinite scrolling – which it also has – in which new content never stops appearing.

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