Twitter joins the reaction trend: it begins to reach iOS users

twitter joins the reaction trend it begins to reach ios users
twitter joins the reaction trend it begins to reach ios users

The social network of the blue bird does not stop being updated with news so you can enjoy all the news. Little by little we have been seeing interesting improvements, such as automatic subtitles in videos. And now they just updated their app with a new tool, still in beta, coming to Twitter very soon.

As the official Twitter support account in India has indicated, the reaction videos of tweets are becoming available on the social network. To do this, when you tap on the Retweet button you will be able to choose a new option called “Quote Tweet with reaction” to be able to launch a Twitter Take or reaction video.

Reactions reach Twitter users India

Does your Explore tab look different? It means you’re a part of our latest test. Exciting, right? We’re testing a new experience in India to help you discover the best content.Available to some of you who use Twitter in English and are on the latest version of Android or iOS.

As we told you, this function is currently only available in certain markets, so until the global deployment of this new tool is launched, for now the only thing you can do is have a little patience.

It should be noted thate this new tool is currently available only for iOS users in certain markets. It’s a very common move to test how a feature works before launching it globally, so it’s bound to reach Android users in these select countries in the coming weeks.

To say that this function is not exactly new. For example, TikTok or Instagram already allow embedding publications in videos and images from other users so it is not a particularly surprising tool either.

But it is a first step for Twitter to start copying the best features of its rivals. It is clear that in this market anything goes, and if the bird’s social network wants to continue its existence, it must follow in the footsteps of its rivals. And considering TikTok surpassed Google as the most popular domain of 2021, it is clear that it is a good example to follow.

In this way, now we only need to arm ourselves with patience and wait for Twitter to update its platform so that all users, regardless of whether they have an iOS or Android device, so that we can all enjoy the reactions.

As we have indicated before, the deployment will be staggered, and in this case It will not do to download the APK from Twitter from India, as it is a geolocated improvement. So there is no choice but to wait for the platform of the blue bird to update its application so that this mode is available to all users.