Twitter, it is now possible to record and listen to Spaces on Android and iOS


In the wake of the success of Clubhouse (which now seems to have cooled considerably), Twitter last year it launched Spaces, that is, their own version of the rooms where to hold live audio conversations: an experience close to the radio, in a certain sense, with the possibility of actively intervening in the much more central discourse, however.

And who knows, some conversations on Spaces – between more or less illustrious users – maybe turn out well. If until today that of the vocal rooms was an ephemeral experience, all linked to the moment, now with the novelty introduced by Twitter both on Android and on iOS everything changes: in fact comes the possibility of registering the Spaces so you can listen to them later, podcast-style.

Once completed, the recording (which is started by pressing the “Record space” switch) will remain available for listening for the next 30 days. Even previously, however, it was not impossible to listen to the conversation of a finished Spaces again, since the recordings were already stored on Twitter within their servers. But the procedure was definitely daunting, since you had to request the archive of your account information from the platform, and then wait patiently for hours or even days. In short, a very different scenario from the simple switch of a switch.

It should be noted that the right to register a Space belongs only to the host, that is to the user who creates it, and that the functionality is not yet available for the Twitter web app on both desktop and mobile devices.