Twitter is not working: X’s latest error leaves it empty of posts

twitter is not working xs latest error leaves it empty.webp.webp.webp
twitter is not working xs latest error leaves it empty.webp.webp.webp
X, formerly known as Twitter, is off to a bad start this Thursday. The social network is having technical problems due to which not a single tweet is shown (or publications, as they are called now).

The problems for X continue with a new bug that makes it basically impossible to use, even though it technically loads. If we open the website in the browser, we are welcomed as if we were a new user. On mobile, we will only see old posts that have been saved previously. In In no case will we see new posts.

X doesn’t work

Something has broken in Elon Musk’s X that means neither the application nor the web version can display any posts. If we do a search, we will only get results for accounts. If we enter a profile, we will only see account recommendations and not the publications of said profile.

Thus, has been left empty of content overnight. What does continue to work are the Spaces, which some users have not hesitated to take advantage of to declare that it is the end of the world. We don’t think it’s that big a deal, and the service already seems to be coming back to itself little by little.

EndThe X spaces continued to function and some users took advantage of them to express themselves during the service downtime

Technically X has not crashed, since both the application and the website continued loading, but what was lost is access to all content even though it could continue to be published.

Thus, for just over an hour we have had the possibility of enjoying X without the best and worst of X: its publications. The DownDetector graphs show that the fall has been at a global level and It lasted a little over an hour.

TwitterdownDuring the crash, the accounts appeared empty and the chronology was blank, except in my case an advertisement full of unintelligible code

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