Twitter is going headlong to be like Tesla, and in this the hand of Elon Musk is noticeable


It is clear that Elon Musk has a very characteristic way of working with users. A clear example of what the tycoon usually does is to announce to great fanfare new developments in their companies that, later, are generally quite delayed. And he has not done badly, since Tesla has evolved in this way and, it seems, Twitter is going to inherit the way of acting. The first symptoms were clear from the moment Musk bought the social network. Almost automatically, he indicated that his intentions were very ambitious, such as getting Twitter to become a development that serves everything (in the truest style of WeChat in China). The idea, logically, is good and it would be a great boost, but the social network would become something else and the time for this to become a reality is not exactly short -and even less with the number of engineers the company has- . Some could cross this out as selling smoke… and they would be right. But it is logical to show a good future so that the price does not go down. Delays, show begins on Twitter This is one of the least liked things about companies like Tesla (and even SpaceX). In the history of the electric car manufacturer, delays are our daily bread… An example is that, today, total autonomous driving is not there – nor is it expected in the short term. This makes sense, since we are talking about something complicated, but what is certain is that Musk is unique in selling what he does not have and making good profits for it. In this, we must congratulate him because he knows very well what he does. The fact is that the first of the important delays on Twitter has already been known: we are talking about payment verification. After the initial problems due to identity theft, things have not been resolved as quickly as Elon Musk himself expected. Thus, the date that he himself indicated for the return of this function to Twitter is no longer valid (it was November 29). Furthermore, he has not indicated the time when his return can be expected. Therefore, it seems that everything sticks… What Elon Musk wants on Twitter This is something that has been revealed by an internal conversation that has leaked. And, as always, they are highly ambitious possibilities and it remains to be seen whether they can be achieved in a short period of time. Thus, for example, the new owner wants there to be encryption in private conversations and that there are video calls. In other words, it would evolve into a chat app apart from being a social network. Doing this would go the way of making Twitter a global platform, but the time it may take you to do this is likely to be quite long. Therefore, signs similar to what happens with Tesla are seen again. Of course, in the event that everything goes on the social network as in the car manufacturer, Musk can sleep peacefully… another thing is the users, of course. >

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