Twitter involves Elon Musk’s friends in his legal complaint through requests for information

Twitter involves Elon Musk's friends in his legal complaint through requests for information
twitter involves elon musk's friends in his legal complaint through

Twitter involves Elon Musk's friends in his legal complaint through requests for information

Twitter presses on its lawsuit against Elon Musk, and now seeks to extract information from his social circle through legal requests. This is confirmed by documents obtained by The Washington Post, which confirm that the legal team of the company founded by Jack Dorsey seeks to strengthen itself with information about the acquisition deal valued at $44 billion that Musk called off. The lawyers of the company would be trying to demonstrate that, after having generated real expectations in the company and the investors with their purchase proposal, Musk violated clauses of his acquisition agreement, which could generate legal obligations.

The owner of Tesla is trying to escape from the offer he made a few months ago to take over Twitter. After the tycoon sentenced last month that he would cancel the agreement and that he accused the social network of hiding the amount of spam and bots on its service, the company sued him in a commercial court in the state of Delaware, known as Chancery Court.

In this context, US specialists believe that Twitter would be looking for evidence that Musk encouraged other investors to participate in the purchase of the platform. They could also look for testimonials that contradict their public statements about the bots and fake accounts on the social network. Required documents include “checklists, schedules, presentations, organizational calls, meetings, notes and recordings” related to financing the deal, according to The Washington Post.

Among the company’s targets in Musk’s entourage are investors Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks, Steve Jurvetson, Marc Andreessen, Jason Calacanis and Keith Rabois, among others, who could be forced to testify in a possible trial. Twitter has also requested information from a group of banks involved in the deal, including Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

Musk, for his part, has issued a counterclaim on Friday. The legal measure will serve to highlight that the social network hid the number of fake accounts that existed. Likewise, his legal team would argue that Twitter modified the number of monetizable daily active users before the agreement between both parties was finalized, which would have changed the purchase price of the social network.

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