Twitter increases the amount of content you can put in a message

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There are some limitations that are not very well understood that exist in applications, especially those of social networks. One of these is the one that has to do with Twitter, which does not allow to include a lot of multimedia content at the same time. And this is something that users have been asking for a change for a long time. And, luckily, this will happen soon. To date, when you launched a tweet, you couldn’t include a photo that you liked accompanied by a GIF that fit together to give a different touch to the message. This is going to end, since the social network itself has posted a message on its blog indicating that this limitation is going to be a thing of the past. Therefore, you will be able to increase your creativity when posting something on the well-known social network that finally seems to be acquired by Elon Musk. The changes that Twitter has announced The changes do not offer total freedom, something that would possibly collapse the operation of the application for many, so there are some restrictions that remain … but that seems quite sensible on paper. Thus, a tweet can be published with a combination of up to four different options between videos, images and, also, GIFs. In principle, more than enough to illustrate much better what is being talked about if necessary. An example of what we say is that if you go to a place that is curious and you want to show it to your followers, you do not have to post a message for each photo that you find interesting. From now on, you can collect up to four and, from this In this way, you will save yourself extra work that did not make much sense to exist when using Twitter. A success without a doubt. An operation that has no complications This is something that has also been known, and it is appreciated that it is very simple. The reason is that what was done to date to include multimedia content such as the aforementioned in a tweet is not changed one iota. Thus, you will simply have to click on the corresponding icon to add what you want and, once you reach the limit of four, you can publish the message always accompanied by text if you consider it appropriate. The corresponding update is already beginning to be deployed on the iOS and Android operating systems, so if you don’t already have it available, it won’t take long to be able to use the new amount of content that can be published at the same time in a Twitter message. Of course, clients for Windows and macOS will take a little longer to get the functionality we are talking about. >

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