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Twitter hires a well-known hacker as Chief of Security

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Peiter Zatko, a veteran hacker with more than 20 years of experience, has been appointed as the new Head of Security for Twitter. The company has hired Zatko, better known online as Mudge, who since the 90s has been part of well-known hacker groups such as “Cult of the Dead Cow” Y “Lopth Heavy Industries”, among others.

The hacker worked for the Bill Clinton administration and was currently employed by the online payment system Stripe

The new manager of Twitter has been the one who, in his own account on the social network, has released the news of his signing. In the message, he acknowledges that he is convinced of the mission entrusted to him to work to promote public conversation on Twitter.

Zatko was currently working at the Internet payments company Stripe. In his history as a hacker there are exploits such as having distributed the Back Orifice software, which allows any hacker to take control over an infected machine, or L0phtCrack, a tool that allowed to break passwords. But he has also actively participated in online activist forums that distributed music and magazines, developed conventions … and carried out numerous actions on the Internet.

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It has always been one of the visible figures of these activist collectives on the Internet. Already in 1998 he testified before the United States Congress, before which he assured that, if he wanted, his group could take down the Internet for several days with only 30 minutes of work.

Zatko became part of the group of cybersecurity experts that worked for the Bill Clinton administration after major attacks on companies such as CNN, eBay, Yahoo! and Amazon in 2001.

Now, as Twitter’s new head of security, his main mission will be to prevent attacks like the one that this summer compromised the security of numerous verified accounts of politicians and celebrities, who began tweeting messages about bitcoin after being hacked. Considered the biggest attack on Twitter in its history, it was devised by a 17-year-old.


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