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Twitter has a new option to show how popular your tweets are

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Twitter is adding a new counter in the bottom menu of tweets, which can serve as a new metric to know if the content you shared sparked the interest of users.

At the moment, this new option is only available in the Twitter app for iOS, and it is not yet known when it will arrive on Android. We tell you what it is about.

Twitter adds a “bookmark counter” on tweets

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In addition to the view counter, tweets have like, retweet, and comment counters. So with a simple glance you can see the interactions your tweet has generated and how popular it has become among your followers. And now a new option is added: bookmark counter.

That is, you will have a new counter that will tell you how many people have saved your tweet to view later using the “Bookmark” option. It may serve as a metric to know how interesting the content you have shared in your tweet has been.

This does not mean that Twitter will show you a list with all the users who have saved your tweets, as it happens with retweets. It will only show the total number of bookmarks, but the accounts that made use of this option will not be noted.

Bookmarks will remain private, and no one other than the user who saved the tweet will be able to see this information. However, the bookmark counter will be visible to both the tweeter and other users.

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Although it is a small change, you may find it useful to know if the content you share through tweets (tutorials, links, opinion, articles, etc.) is useful for your followers or other users. At the moment, the bookmark counter is only available in the Twitter app for iOS, but they plan to extend it soon.

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