Twitter changes the rules: Are you ready to pay to highlight your brand with the new blue badge?

51299 101370 twitter gray checkmark xl.jpg
51299 101370 twitter gray checkmark xl.jpg

After some time that you have used the blue check mark, it will be because you have to highlight the importance of your account on the Elon Musk platform and everything from April 1st, it will also only be possible if you manage to pay for the Twitter Blue subscription.

Twitter Checkmarks

Since the new CEO of Twitter took charge of the platform, the verification mark went into the background. The platform no longer considers the real personification of the profile totally important, since the verification mark may or may not actually represent the account of a president or artist. While checkmarks have obviously been around for a long time, the real power of this feature was lost when users were simply allowed to purchase them.

The checkmark payment system only made fake accounts take said marks and impersonate profiles of real importance. All of this only made paid checkmarks highlight a Twitter Blue subscriber, however the platform stopped using this option. Sand attempted to place “official” checkmarks, even though all this seems to be fading away.

A new verification system

There may be a double reason, but the fact that Twitter took April Fool’s Day to start with verification will certainly start. In this way, the platform seeks to “eliminate legacy checkmarks.”

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For now the price of Twitter Blue is in a price range of 8 dollars, although it could raise the price if you decide to buy it on iOS where the price range is 11 dollars a month.

This is an almost mandatory system in days like this, where the company invites too much to have a verified account, but in the same way Twitter Blue is only a private payment system. The Twitter Help Center He indicated that the new search for the platform is to find a much more reliable place on the Internet for organizations and users.

In case you arean organization looking for the verification mark, this will cost $1,000 per month, adding said brand in a golden or gray tone depending on the type of business they have. For governmental or “multilateral” organizations, the gray mark in a circle will be available. The gold mark in a square will be for non-profit companies only.

To obtain verification, some extra requirements will be necessary in addition to payment. Well, the organization must have an active Twitter account that has the same current email from the company itself, as well as a current domain of the website.

As far as Twitter Blue is concerned, the requirements are not too many. Well, the company will only have to pay the subscription and have a telephone number.