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Twitter changes the design of its icons

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Endowed with a new design in its appearance and above all with a defining line that points to the finish in bold, with a thicker line and with a reinforcement of the angles, Twitter icons have changed their appearance in a subtle way. In fact, in some of them the change is barely perceptible.

The new Twitter icons appear with a more marked stroke, but only in some of them has the design been substantially redefined

However, these subtle changes are more pronounced in two icons in particular, the one that indicates the beginning with a schematic drawing of a birdhouse (since the symbol of this social network is a bird). Compared to the previous design, the new one shows right-angled walls that evolve from the previous obtuse angles of the side walls.

Another notable change is that of the icon where two human figures are represented. Until now, one of them was in the foreground, somewhat larger in size and partially covering the icon of the other subject, while now both are on the same plane but with a line that joins them, sharing a line between who is in the foreground and who is in the foreground. who appears in the background.

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More subtle is the slight change that appears in the bell icon that gives access to notifications. The lower edge of the hood simply loses its protrusion outwards to end up at a 90 degree angle.

The remaining icons (magnifying glass, envelope and heart), which provide access to the search sections, direct messages and favorited tweets, remain practically unchanged beyond the thickening of its line, which now also appears darker, in bold format.

In the rest of the icons that do not appear in the main menu, the changes are similar and maintain this new aesthetic current. The new icons are coming to Twitter graduallyboth on the web and in the different apps for iOS and Android, so during the next few days users should remain attentive to possible updates to the app.

This redesign is part of the change process that Twitter has been facing since August 2021 and which is giving rise to constant updates to its mobile app, both for iOS and Android.

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