Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino on what she wants for Twitter 2.0

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A new stage looms for Twitter. The newly appointed CEO, Linda Yaccarino, presented to its employees the renewed vision for the company, reflected in a statement that was disclosed by The Verge. Yaccarino argues that Twitter is destined to be the world’s most accurate real-time information center and one global square for communication.

Alignment with Elon Musk

This approach is in line with the idea of Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, who has always seen Twitter as the public square of the internet. Both believe in Twitter’s ability to drive civilization forward through open dialogue and unfiltered exchange of information.

Birth of Twitter 2.0

The CEO’s ambitious plan gives rise to what she has called “Twitter 2.0”. Although the exact details of the plan have not yet been revealed, this new phase promises big changes that will be in line with the mission of being the most accurate source of information in real time.

Challenges and competition

However, this path will not be without its challenges. The competitive landscape is becoming more intense. Recently instagram introduced a potential competitor internally and BlueSkythe new social networking app from former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has already reached more than 100,000 users in its private beta version.

collaborative approach

Yaccarino is committed to a collaborative transformation strategy to achieve these objectives. He urges his employees to question existing assumptions and build something new from the ground up. In this way, he seeks to involve all stakeholders in the design of this Twitter 2.0.

As the platform transforms to be that center of truthful information and open communication, it will also need to balance this goal with the need to maintain the integrity of the platform and the security of its users. Achieving it would undoubtedly establish a precedent in the management of social networks and would mark the way forward for other platforms.

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