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Twitter buys Squad and closes it a day later

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twitter announced the acquisition of squad, a social app that allows you to share your screen during a video conference with family and friends. However, instead of keeping it active – despite the change in ownership – has decided to close the app just one day after purchase.

Squad Founders and Staff to Join Twitter Design and Engineering Teams

Twitter, unlike other social networks like Facebook, does not want to have separate applications. It already happened in 2017 when it decided to close the Vine social network, with more than 50 million users around the world, to focus on the development of its main app.

It also happened with the gradual integration of Periscope on Twitter. Little by little, its functionalities were integrated into the social network, and although it still exists today as an independent app, it is practically not used and its days are numbered. In fact, evidence has already been found in the Twitter source code that Periscope could be shut down soon.

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Squad share screen

Now it is not known what will happen to Squad’s technology, whether Twitter will integrate it into its service, as it is unknown whether the acquisition also included all the developments made by Squad to date.

The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed, although it is known that Squad’s human team will be integrated into the structure of Twitter. The co-founders – until now CEO Esther Crawford and CTO Ethan Sutin – will join, along with the rest of the staff, on Twitter’s design, engineering and product teams. Crawford will lead a new product related to the conversation on Twitter, as she has confirmed herself, although no more is known about the project she will lead.

Squad -which had collaboration agreements with Snapchat to date- allowed to share the screen on the mobile or on the desktop simultaneously while conducting a video chat. It could be a product that integrates with Twitter, but the company has not confirmed that this will happen.

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