Twitter Blue tests a new yellow check, what does it mean?

Once Twitter Blue is a reality again, it will be necessary to see if it does not have the previous problems, it has just been learned that the verification badges that will exist in the social network will be available in various colors. An example is yellow, which has begun to be seen in some accounts and we will tell you exactly what it means. With this new letterhead, we want to identify the companies that have passed Twitter’s verification services and that, of course, also pay the corresponding fee imposed by Elon Musk in his company so that this identification can be obtained. Therefore, what we are talking about is the Business option of the Blue service. Consequently, something that the tycoon already announced would happen becomes true: there would be different badges so that users know exactly what type of certified account they are seeing. The truth is that the idea is not bad at first, since it is not necessary what each color means because simply by passing the mouse pointer over the verification label -or clicking on it-, it appears a description of what it means. It is a service that is in the testing phase. This means that not always and all users will be able to see the yellow element we are talking about, since at the moment this type of badge is not official and, for now, only some companies do. they have granted. Among the current list, you can find those that have always had a good relationship with Twitter, such as Forbes or Gmail. The case is that if you do not see the identification we are talking about, this does not mean that you have a problem with your user…. It will simply be changing something at that time. What is unknown at this time are the conditions that companies will have to meet to obtain the yellow verification. That is, if you have to establish some operating protocols or pass certain tests so that the Twitter protocols indicate that the security they offer is adequate. What does seem certain is that we are talking about a paid service, and it remains to be seen if it is more expensive than the basic Twitter Blue (which, in principle, should bring some more benefit than, right now, it is not known which ones can be). It does not seem that this yellow verification comes alone Well, this is something that, in a very intelligent way, Elon Musk is going to establish on Twitter. Being clear that the social network is practically impossible to fall due to the number of users it has and that it has become an essential communication channel, everything indicates that other colors will arrive in the verifications. An example is the gray one for public entities -and this could indeed be free- and, perhaps, also the green one whose function it would have is unknown. >