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Twitter Blue prepares an option for users who want to go unnoticed

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Twitter could offer a curious feature for Twitter Blue subscribers. Beyond the verification badge, and the rest of the features that the subscription offers, it is preparing a feature for those who want to go unnoticed.

So if you are one of those who are thinking of paying for this subscription, but you don’t want everyone to know about it, you will be interested in learning about this dynamic that Twitter could offer in the future.

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Twitter will let you hide the verification badge

The Twitter team released several announcements in the past few days. On the one hand, it announced that Twitter Blue is now available worldwide, so any user can choose to pay for this subscription. And on the other hand, he mentioned that he will be removing the blue badge, as of April 1, from those who obtained it with the previous verification system.

So those who want to have the famous verification badge will have to pay for the Twitter Blue subscription. However, the Twitter team seems to be considering that some users do not want to have this option in their account. That is, they want the benefits of Twitter Blue, but they don’t want the blue badge to show on their profile, or they don’t want others to know they have the subscription.

According to the captures shared by the researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, there are hints that Twitter is preparing an option that would allow users to hide the blue check mark. This would be part of a series of new features that would make it easier for users to manage the features that the subscription offers.

Twitter hasn’t mentioned anything about it, so we don’t know if it’s a feature they plan to implement soon, or it’s just one of many experiments the team is running. We will have to wait and see if this feature is part of a future update.

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