Twitter Blue arrives in Spain: these are the subscription prices and services

It has had to wait a little longer than expected, but Elon Musk’s paid subscription idea for Twitter is already available in Spain (and some other countries, such as Portugal or France). Therefore, the slow but constant expansion of this option of the social network continues unaltered after the first moments in which not everything worked as it should. We are obviously talking about Twitter Blue. The benefits of having such a subscription at first seemed that it would only be enjoying the blue verification badge on the profile. But, finally, things are not like that and, little by little, additional options have been added, so that users see the monthly payment that is charged as attractive. Therefore, as feared, a system of users of different classes is being generated within the social network. It is what it is. Apart from what is indicated by the blue badge, there are other benefits in the event that you are a member of Twitter Blue. Some of them are the following: Possibility of uploading videos with a resolution that can reach 1080p. Use of NFT to establish them as profile images. Editing of messages sent up to five times if 30 minutes have not passed. This for the creators could be vital in their daily operation. And more improvements will come to Twitter Blue If all the comments do not seem enough to sign you up, Elon Musk plans that the subscription will continue to gain features, such as seeing fewer ads than traditional users or when searching on Twitter, those who pay monthly are seen before the rest (this will be the case even in the mentions). Besides, it has also been indicated that it is possible that the time of the videos that can be uploaded to the social network will be increased and that, in addition, messages with a greater amount of text can be created. Subscription prices in Spain If you are interested in signing up, something you can already do from Spain, you should know that the monthly price in our country is eight euros per month. A figure that is not bad at all, it must be said. But, luckily, it is possible to get an interesting discount in the case of accessing a monthly payment, since in this way you only have to pay €84. Now, it simply depends on each user to sign up or not to the service we are talking about. >