Twitter Blue already allows you to upload videos of up to two hours, and it can be a problem

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has once again caused a stir with a message on Twitter. Once he took control of the social network, he wasted no time in introducing a new subscription service called Twitter Blue, offering a series of exclusive benefits to its users. In one of his latest posts, he has revealed a new feature available exclusively to subscribers: the ability to upload videos up to 8GB (which is almost 2 hours long). At the moment, this feature is limited to the web version of the platform and also to the iOS application. Therefore, Android users for now have to wait a little longer… even though they religiously pay their share. The fact is that this new option opens up new possibilities for content creators and users who want to share longer videos to engage with their followers in a more immersive way. A new easy-to-use option For Twitter Blue subscribers who want to share a longer video, it must be said that the upload process is simple. You have to go to the create a message box and there choose a video file from your device and then just click on the specific button to share with everyone. It is important to note that there are no restrictions on the number of creations that can be uploaded -even if they reach the maximum duration-. This new option contrasts with regular Twitter users. These are still limited to uploading videos up to 140 seconds long, whether they use the mobile app or access Twitter via the web. This move by Elon Musk and Twitter Blue demonstrates a commitment to improving the user experience and providing added value to their paying subscribers. With the ability to upload longer videos, content creators now have greater freedom. Perhaps this is one of Elon Musk’s last moves before resigning from his position as CEO of the social network. It remains to be seen if Twitter Blue is ready. However, this can also pose some challenges. First, increased file sizes and durations can put a strain on Twitter’s servers and infrastructure, resulting in slower load times and potential disruptions to the platform’s overall performance. Also, the availability of such long videos could lead to a flood of low-quality or illegal content… So much so that minutes after Elon Musk made the announcement, some people responded by posting full-length movies. Among the comments, it was possible to find for example Shrek 2. Both movies could be seen from start to finish. These contents, logically, were eliminated by the social network. We will have to see if Twitter has the infrastructure to detect this among everything that is published daily. >