Twitter announces paid “Super follows”, do you know what they are and how they work?

Twitter is one of the most influential social networks in the world, especially in what has to do with current affairs and the debates and opinions that are generated around what happens in the world. But despite its enormous success, there have been many years in which Jack Dorsey’s company has been flooded with red numbers. So looking for income streams was practically a necessity. Apart from advertisements and advertisements or sponsored messages that we receive on our timeline on a daily basis, North Americans have always thought that the key to sustainability should go through the payment of users, not so much obligatory as voluntary, as a sign of support to a specific profile, communication medium or service platform. And it seems that time has come. Payment “Super followers” and communities The idea they have had on Twitter is to allow those users who want to follow a profile on the social network to choose whether to do so in the traditional way, by clicking on the “Follow” button. or with another much more important one such as becoming paid “Super followers”, which disburses an amount of money every month that, if we are guided by the images published by the social network itself, stands at about 4.99 dollars per month (4.11 euros at the exchange rate). The idea is not so much that the accounts are closed and only those who pay can read their messages, as that the profile that has received that “Super follower” offers much more. Such as exclusive content, personalized support page, newsletter, access to closed communities, purchases and discounts, etc. What can be used, not only by individual profiles of influencers or content creators, but also by organizations, media, etc. Parallel to this change, the social network will also launch the so-called “Communities”, which are nothing more than spaces where creators or groups of users can meet around any topic. And it does not matter if it is about cultural, political, economic, entertainment, etc. The idea is that the profiles can openly chat with other users about those things they like the most. At the moment, all these announcements made by Twitter do not have an arrival date, so it is presumably a kind of roadmap to be completed in the coming months.