Twitter and its updates for iOS users.

Twitter and its updates for iOS users introduced full-screen vertical videos similar to those of TikTok.

It is undeniable that vertical videos are on the rise and that more and more platforms are betting on this content after the success of TikTok. This time, the company has announced full-screen vertical videos for iOS users.

Twitter wants to follow in the footsteps of TikTok with full-screen vertical videos, this phenomenon of adjusting functions between companies has become a trend. The new experience aims to make videos more engaging.

The blue bird platform will include a new video section in the Explore tab, where users will be able to see suggested videos based on trends and content that may be of interest to a specific person.

According to some images that spread through social networks, once a video is opened, it will play vertically in full screen mode, similar to TikTok.

Users can skip to the next video by simply scrolling up. With the new video carousel, you can now easily find other videos you like, as well as tweets and trends that might interest you.

Just go to the Explore tab to see some of the most popular videos shared on Twitter.

Of course, these videos are linked to a tweet and users can tap the screen to view the content of the tweet, with quick access to reply, retweet, like and share buttons.

Twitter and its updates: Videos are a trend in social networks.

According to Twitter, videos have become an “important part of the public conversation” on the social network.

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The company states that videos shared on Twitter account for “billions of cumulative views each year.”

The trend of videos on social networks has viralized more than one person in seconds, especially in a pandemic, where TikTok gained strength.

Videos are a fast, interactive and fresh way that helps to achieve greater visualization of publications and Twitter could not be left behind with its improvements.

The new feature comes as no surprise, as TikTok has grown steadily each year. Instagram, which started out as a photo-focused social network, has changed course and invested in vertical video with Instagram Reels.

In addition to changing the way users view videos on Twitter, the platform is experimenting with other new features.

As for the new full-screen vertical videos, Twitter says that iOS users will be able to enjoy this new experience in the coming days.