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Twitch will not allow more transmissions with these video games: 3DXChat, Radiator 2 and more

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Twitch logo. (photo: Streamer Basics)

Twitch logo. (photo: Streamer Basics)

twitch allows content creators to live stream various topics, but content creators video game are the most popular with titles like Valorant, Counter Strike (CSGO), Apex, Call of Duty or Hogwarts Legacy.

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However, there is a list of 49 games which are prohibited to be broadcast on the platform because they all have the “Adults Only” rating, issued by Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)an American institution that rates video games by age depending on their content.

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Games allowed by Twitch for streams. (Capture)

Games allowed by Twitch for streams. (Capture)

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The games prohibited by twitch they have in common their high sexual content or references to it, in addition to extreme or graphic violence, content that is not allowed in the transmissions.

In the case of some titles that were not rated by this institution, twitch verifies their content with the help of their moderators to determine whether or not they possess any characteristics that may be restricted under the Community Guidelines that has the platform.

In the event that they have content that is considered “extreme” or that violates their policies, immediately enter the list of prohibited games for including themes such as incitement to hate, sex, nudity, gore (bloody images) or violence extreme.

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Some of the games Not rated “Adults Only” by the ESRB, but still on the banned list are 3DXChat, Radiator 2, Cobra Club, Artificial Academy, Artificial Girl, Second Life, and more.

Twitch does allow streaming of

Twitch does allow streaming of “alternative” versions of the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that are rated “Mature” or lower by the ESRB.

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According to the platform streamssome exceptions for titles correspond to games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, although the condition they have to meet is that creators must play the versions rated “Mature” or lower by the ESRB.

If a user of twitch If you see a creator streaming content from one of these games or any other game not listed but with similar characteristics, you can report it by going to the Report Live Stream option and clicking the tag forbidden game.

Users who are reported by this infringement at community standards they can receive a notice and a temporary suspension of their accounts, the following sanctions in case of recidivism, will follow the regular course of any other breach of the rules of twitch and can lead to the permanent deletion of the account of the creators.

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According to Twitch, the list of prohibited games in the platform may be modified by removing or adding more over time and as opportunities for content moderation arise. content.

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