Twitch Watch Parties now works on iOS devices


People using the video streaming app Twitch now they can join the “Watch Parties” of the platform in iOS devices and Android, according to a tweet shipped on friday.

Focused since its launch on bringing people together to watch and comment on video games, the platform Twitch he also does drama and comedy. Their Watch Parties allow users to stream content from Amazon prime.

Just starting to use Twitch?

Participants can watch the movie, TV show or any content “together” on the host’s channel and join the chat at the same time. You can probably imagine the real-time commentary as fans watch their favorite players fighting in a first-person shooter game. It works in a similar way with romantic comedies.

Up to now, Watch Parties was only done through the web-based desktop client of Twitch. That is, since Watch Parties is launched as a function in September. But now you can join in on the fun from your smartphone.

Party functionality on streaming services during the Covid-19 pandemic increased sharply as people looked for ways to do things together, but not in person. Another example that we will see soon is the incorporation of SharePlay from Apple in the next update of iOS 15, which will allow people to view content with other people through FaceTime.

Some limits apply at Twitch Watch parties

Naturally, there are some limitations to prevent people from accessing Prime content for free. The person streaming the content and each participating viewer must have an active Prime Video subscription. Regional restrictions that limit the content available at local Prime Video libraries can sometimes get in the way as well.

But Twitch Is property of Amazon, So what are you waiting for?

The platform was founded in 2007 and Amazon acquired it in 2014 for $ 970 million.