Twitch says it’s getting better at identifying and blocking young users

Twitch says it's getting better at identifying and blocking young users

Twitch is cracking down on accounts belonging to users under the age of 13 as part of its efforts to protect children on the platform.

In a post on Twitch’s safety center, the Amazon-owned company announced that it is improving its methods for detecting and terminating accounts belonging to young users and is also working on ways to block users who were previously suspended for being under 13. years old.

In September, a Bloomberg article drew attention for reporting an increase in abuse of minors through Twitch, which left many concerned about the security offered by the platform. This week, Twitch began advocating to restrict the use of children on the service, which could be the first step in reducing these statistics.

In addition to “expanding the signals” it uses to catch and block users under the age of 13, Twitch will introduce mandatory phone verification requirements for “potentially vulnerable accounts” before they can start streaming live. While the platform doesn’t explain how it will identify these accounts, he says this should help the platform prevent young users who lie about their age from being exposed to child predators during live streams.

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Twitch is also updating its moderation policies to prioritize reports involving users under the age of 13. The platform also changed the default setting for its direct messaging feature, called Whispers, and blocked the ability to perform searches on Twitch using “certain search terms or phrases”.

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer much detail about which configuration it has updated and which terms it has banned. However, upon creating a new Twitch account, The Verge discovered that the “block whispers from strangers” setting is now on by default.

Twitch makes it clear that it will continue to work to mitigate the use of children on the platform as a way to lessen their exposure.

Would you encourage your children to do lives on streaming platforms?

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