Twitch drops new Policy after users reject it

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Twitch has backtracked on a controversial usage policy, which has generated a lot of backlash from its users.

In the previous change, the rules change how streamers can feature branded/sponsored content on their streams, which is a huge part of their revenue, and is much more consistent/guaranteed as they can do these deals directly with the companies.

Twitch is one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world, thanks to the huge amount of content it streams on a daily basis. Thousands of people gather to stream their favorite games, watch videos/movies with others, or present elaborate productions like gameshows while millions of people watch.

Despite being the dominant streaming platform, it has inspired rivals like Kick, which aims to offer a fairer revenue share with its content creators and tries to be less restrictive with its rules to allow more freedom in the content produced.

In a new policy change published this week, Twitch intended to impose serious restrictions on how streamers can promote sponsored content on the platform, including a ban on branded banners that take up more than 3% of the screen, as well as other odd limitations.

This would threaten a significant portion of the big creators’ income, so naturally they didn’t take the changes well. Creators like Asmongold threatened to leave the platform if that happened. Twitch has since gone back on those changes, apologizing for the way it has worded its new policies and noting that it plans to make changes to address the feedback it has received.

This is not the first time that the platform has caused controversy with content creators due to changes in its usage policies, but it seems that this time, it has reached an unsustainable point.


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