Twisted Metal: New scene from the series shows Sweet Tooth singing classic 90s

Twisted Metal: New scene from the series shows Sweet Tooth singing classic 90s
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Update (09/06/2023) – GS

During Summer Game Fest 2023, Sony took the opportunity to continue revealing PlayStation news. Even after the PlayStation Showcase, which featured a series of exclusive news from the company, we had the revelation of the release date of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as well as the disclosure of an unprecedented scene from the series in live-action based on Sweet Tooth.

Starring Anthony Mackie as John Doe, the new scene shows the protagonist in a casino and meeting the sadistic Sweet Tooth, the most iconic character in the games in the franchise. Unsurprisingly, found him is a real madness, with the clown about to slice up John Doe.

Before starting the carnage, Sweet Tooth plays a background song to accompany it, the classic “Thong Song” by Sisqo, a hit from the 90s that even won a Europeian version in the funk “Já é Sensação”. Fortunately, this was a song that John Dow knew and it helps him get out of this situation alive.

As you can see, the series promises to have a very comic tone, mixing with the violence of racing against deadly vehicles.

Twisted Metal premieres July 27 on Peacock streaming. for now, we still don’t know which service it will be broadcast on in Europe.

So, what did you think of the scene?

Update (04/28/2023) – GS

After receiving its first poster, the Twisted Metal live-action series, starring Anthony Mackie, has received its first teaser and release date on Peacock, NBC Universal’s streaming platform.

In the series, Anthony Mackie lives the protagonist John Doe, a fan of speed and who wants to find a better life. To do so, he will have to survive a series of races against deadly machines and deliver a mysterious package to receive the money.

The trailer confirms the release of Twisted Metal for July 27th and shows for the first time the aesthetic of the PlayStation Productions series, where it will be common to see cars equipped with weapons and ready to cause destruction on the road.

As you would expect, the clown Sweet Tooth will be present in the production and the teaser even has a glimpse of him and his macabre ice cream cart.

So, what did you think of the first trailer for the series?

Update (04/27/2023) – RS

Twisted Metal: live-action series with Anthony Mackie gets official poster

It was unveiled this Thursday (27) the first official poster of the TV series franchise-based Twisted Metal. The production is not new and was the subject of previous speculation. Furthermore, rumors regarding the title intensified after Firesprite took over.

In the image released about the show, you can see Anthony Mackie highlighted. He is the actor who will star in the Peacock TV series, which will run for around 10 episodes. With that, it’s more of a live-action adaptation of famous games, something that on Sony’s side happened to uncharted It is The Last of Usthe latter being a great success.

In general, in addition to being based on the acclaimed PlayStation title, it will feature the production of Rhett Reese It is Paul Wernickresponsible for works such as Deadpool It is zombielandin addition to a script by Michael Jonathan Smithknown for producing Cobra Kai.

The series is described as an action comedy and this and its synopsis: “a chatty outsider [a quem] is offered a chance at a better life, but only if he can deliver a mysterious package in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.“. In addition to Anthony, the cast also has the actress Stephanie Beatriz.

Some other names that will be part of the Twisted Metal series include Thomas Haden Church, Joe Seanoa It is Will Arnett. Finally, the first trailer for the franchise will be officially released this Friday (28). Finally, also check out movie and series options for those who liked what they saw in The Last of Us.

Update (02/15/2023) – LR

Twisted Metal: more rumors are revealed after Firesprite takes over franchise

With development under the responsibility of Firesprite, a studio based in the United Kingdom, the game Twisted Metal had some information revealed last year based on speculation shared by informants, suggesting that the title will be compatible with the PlayStation VR accessory, stimulating the purchase of this device from Sony.

According to speculation, the title could arrive later this year supporting Unreal Engine 5 technology, which consists of the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation for photorealistic visuals and immersive experiences.

A post on a careers website indicates that Firesprite is looking for more employees to work on the game’s development, indicating that PlayStation may be interested in pushing forward the publication of Twisted Metal, classic from last generation consoles and PC that is being developed by more than 200 people.

Twisted Metal. (Image: Playback).

Update (01/12/2022) – GS

Twisted Metal: Revealed the studio working on the reboot of the franchise

A few days ago, VGC revealed that Sony had taken the project of the new Twisted Metal franchise game out of the hands of the Lucid Games studio and that it had passed it to one of its studios in Europe.

At the time, we weren’t sure who would be responsible for the new game, but this week, the VGC returned to comment on the subject and revealed that the project is now in charge of Firesprite, which is in the United Kingdom.

Firesprite was acquired by PlayStation Studios late last year, having developed The Playroom game for PlayStation VR. Considering the studio’s expertise, will the new Twisted Metal be a VR game?

Considering the recent announcement of the PSVR2, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that Sony is willing to release big-name games to boost the device’s launch.

Photo: reproduction

It’s also worth noting that, as indicated by a Resetera user, Matt Southern – director of several Motorstorm games, as well as the original creator of Drive Club – has stepped down as game director at Lucid to take the same role at Firesprite. Will he be the director of the new Twisted Metal?

Update (01/10/2022) – GS

Twisted Metal: Sony may have changed the studio that developed the new game

In September last year, a rumor emerged that Sony was working on a new game in the Twisted Metal franchise, led by the studio Lucid Games, responsible for the game Destruction AllStars, but it seems that the project was not to the liking of Sony and they decided hand it over to another studio.

According to Videogame Chronicles, Sony has decided to leave Lucid Games behind Sony and move the new Twisted Metal project to “one of its exclusive studios in Europe”. It was not revealed who was responsible for the game, and Lucid Games has not commented on the case yet.

The note says that the release of the new game is still expected to be released in 2023, coinciding with the launch of the TV series that adapts the franchise and will star Anthony Mackie.

The rumor states that the reason for the studio change was the low reception of Destruction AllStars, but as always, the information should be treated with uncertainty until something is confirmed by Sony.

Do you think this new franchise game will be good?

Original text – 09/30/2021

Twisted Metal: new franchise game may be in development

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new game in the Twisted Metal franchise, with Sony opting to create a live-action series that will have Anthony Mackie as one of the protagonists.

If you’re one of those fans eagerly awaiting a new game, it looks like your dreams seem about to come true.

According to a new article from VGC, the studio behind Destruction All-Stars, Lucid Games, is working on a Twisted Metal revival.

That new game is supposedly being built as a free title and will be released in 2023, to coincide with the premiere of the TV series.

According to sources, the new chapter of car combat – which will be the first release in over a decade – has started initial development at the studio based in Liverpool, UK.

One person with knowledge of Lucid’s plans suggested that the project would be built around a free-to-play model, as a response to Destruction All-Stars’ last-minute switch from a premium game to a PlayStation Plus title.

Jeff Grubb, an important insider in the games industry, also commented on the matter and stated that the project could indeed be released in conjunction with the series, as part of Sony’s new strategy to ensure the success of its franchise ecosystem in various media.

Are you looking forward to a new Twisted Metal game?

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