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Tweek, productivity app for to-do lists and note-taking

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If you are looking for something simple to always have your day-to-day tasks at hand, take a look at the web application, with mobile apps, which I recommend today.

It’s not a list app like Todoist or something as complete as Evernote, but rather a minimalist calendar that we can fill in with our daily obligations.

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Available on tweek.so, Tweek is shown as a weekly calendar without any structure by hours, a commitment to a way of seeing life without the pressure of “you have to finish it before 2pm”.

Tweek is a free planning and collaboration application for up to three users. It allows you to share calendars and task lists with friends, family or colleagues, add new tasks, set reminders, create notes and checklists for your colleagues and family. It also allows you to share the calendar at any time and anywhere, including messaging apps, social networks and web pages through a direct link.

It also has a printable version to be able to use it as a paper agenda, being adaptable to project and task management for small and medium-sized teams.

The Premium version allows you to add notes to tasks, subtasks, checklists, and shopping lists.

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It does not integrate any specific productivity method, it focuses on clarity and simplicity.

Tweek offers a live and continually updated guide called “Tweek Solutions” to help you better organize life and work with your calendar.

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