tvOS 15 Introduces a Redesigned Video Player for the Apple …


The next tvOS 15 includes a new look for the video player interface built into Apple tv. This new design shows clearer and more readable titles as well as more remarkable controls.

New video player for the Apple TV application

Apple has standardized large titles in applications for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and now the next update to tvOS 15 displays these details in the standard layout of the video player.

Movie and TV show titles appear in large letters in the lower left area of ​​the screen when the progress bar is displayed. Episode titles appear in smaller letters exactly above the series name.

A new information button also appears which is a visual cue for the content details page where you can restart an episode, search for other episodes, and view video descriptions.

tvOS 15 no longer includes a swipe-down interface to manage video language, subtitles, and sound output settings.

A voice icon makes it easy to find and control subtitle settings. A separate set of options for audio range and language appears in the middle between subtitle settings and picture-in-picture indication.

This new operating system also introduces for the first time support for Spatial Audio Y SharePlay using Facetime Y video compatible with iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterrey. Pressing the TV button on the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote, the Control Center is activated where all these options can be found.

At the moment you can install the beta of tvOS 15 in you Apple tv in which the final version arrives for the fall.