Turn your smartphone into a portable coffee maker

coffee maker
Turn Your Smartphone Into A Portable Coffee Maker

Mokase is the cover that will transform your cell into a portable coffee maker so that you can relax with a coffee wherever and whenever you want

coffee maker

Whether you’re stuck in traffic, want to take a break, or just have a craving, there is always a good reason to have a coffee. That is why Mokase was born, a case that will turn your smartphone into a portable coffee maker so that you give yourself that taste at any time; You will have three flavors to choose from and with a single touch it will be ready.

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It will always be coffee time

This Italian gadget is inspired by capsule coffee machines and, like them, it is very easy to use. The cover was created especially for high-end teams since they are the ones that have enough size and power to make it work. It is available for the Galaxy S8, LG G6 and Huawei P10, equipment that you can find the best network with Telcel.

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Very tasty and very easy but… how does it work?

The outer part of Mokase It is made of aluminum silicon so that the heat does not damage your electronic components nor on the phone. The anatomy of this gadget is quite simple: at the bottom there is a rechargeable battery that is responsible for heating the water, on top of it there is a space where the small flavor sheets that are equivalent to the capsules are placed and at the end it has a small pipe where the coffee comes out.

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All you have to do is install the app, put the foil of your favorite coffee: classic, toasted and arabic, press the “Prepare” button, wait eight seconds, and that’s it! Already can you serve your delicious shot

This amazing technology is available on different internet sites, consult them at maximum speed with the help of the 4G network so that you have it as soon as possible. Stay connected to Hola Telcel to learn more gadgets like this one.

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