Turn your router into a beast: you only need to take advantage of its USB port

turn your router into a beast: you only need to
turn your router into a beast: you only need to


You have never thought that your router is used for anything other than fulfilling its main function. In other words, make sure that you have Internet at home and that you can connect by cable or via WiFi network from all devices. But you’re wrong, there are more things a router can do. Maybe not all, but there are models of routers with a USB port that you can take full advantage of for all kinds of things.

Before starting to give you reasons why the USB port of your router is a good idea, it is true that we must take into account that it is advisable that the device be in a central place in the house or in the PAU which will be installed at the entrance in most new homes. This makes it not very convenient to use the USB port that you have in the hallway, for example. But if you are one of those who has the router in a room or in the living room, its USB port is really practical.

Connect peripherals

In the USB port of the router you can connect peripherals that require this port. For example, the printer or multifunction. This will allow us to have the printer connected to the local network and any computer or device connected to that network will be able to send the content to print. It is something especially comfortable and practical and not only applicable to your home but also really useful in your office.

HP Scanner Printer

charge devices

It is not normal that you go to connect the mobile to the router to recharge the battery if we have a plug nearby but we don’t always have it or not all of them are free at that time. There are many gadgets that work by recharging their battery with a USB port and you can have help if you have the router in the office or in the living room and you want to always have the battery of the smart watch, mobile phone, tablet, etc. ready.

Low mobile battery

firmware management

The USB can be useful to keep the latest version of the router’s firmware and thus avoid problems derived from security holes or failures in it. But you can also use it for install alternative firmware the one that comes from the factory. It will depend on the model you have and the one you want to use, but there are open source options that we can install using this USB port of the router.

worst place to place home router

Connect other devices

If you have the router connected to the current in the living room furniture, you can take the opportunity to connect devices that work through a USB port. For example, small lamps or nightlights that work with this type of port. Or even connecting a fan that works via USB will be an excellent option not to take the heat off you but to relieve the heat on the router or furniture.


Connect a NAS

Via USB stick we can have a NAS connected to the router. It is not the easiest use if you do not have control or knowledge about computing and computers, but it is a very interesting use that does not imply having to always use it, but we will give “life” to that USB port.

NAS bays


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