Turn ChatGPT into Spotify and ask for music recommendations

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ChatGPT surprises with its capabilities. Every day we find a new way to get the most out of it. Without going any further, we recently told you about how to use this artificial intelligence in incognito mode, or even activate its Teacher mode. Bearing in mind that you can also have ChatGPT on WhatsApp through this interesting bot of Spanish origin, the truth is that the artificial intelligence created by OpenAI offers much more than you can imagine. And today we are going to show you a very simple trick to perform and that will help you find new music groups or songs to enjoy like never before. ChatGPT is a complete music band and song recommender. To do this, all you have to do is ask ChatGPT correctly. For example, I am going to put several uses that I have given very interesting. The first command used is to request the following: Tell me music groups similar to “enter group”. In my case, I am a lover of heavy metal, so I have asked him for names of groups similar to Dark Moor, a Spanish one that I love. The answer, below these lines: If you’re looking for bands similar to “Dark Moor”, chances are you’re interested in the symphonic metal and power metal genre. Here are some artists and bands that might be of interest to you: Fairyland: A symphonic power metal band with epic and fantasy elements in their music. Their album “Score to a New Beginning” comes highly recommended. Rhapsody of Fire: An Italian symphonic power metal band known for their epic lyrics and orchestral arrangements. Songs like “Emerald Sword” and “Dawn of Victory” are classics within the genre.Sonata Arctica: A power metal band from Finland known for their melodic and lyrical style. Standout tracks include “FullMoon” and “Don’t Say a Word.” Kamelot: A power metal band with symphonic and progressive influences. They have released epic albums like “The Black Halo” and “Ghost Opera”. Stratovarius: A Finnish symphonic power metal band that has been influential on the scene. Notable songs include “Hunting High and Low” and “Eagleheart”. Avantasia: A music project led by Tobias Sammet, known for combining symphonic and power metal elements into epic songs. Albums like “The Metal Opera” and “The Scarecrow” come highly recommended.Dark Sarah: A Finnish symphonic metal band with elements of musical theater and storytelling. Their music has a dark and emotional approach. Delain: A Dutch symphonic metal band with a mix of heavy and melodic elements. Standout tracks include “We Are the Others” and “April Rain.” Serenity: A symphonic metal band with progressive elements and epic choruses. They have released albums like “Death & Legacy” and “Lionheart.” Amberian Dawn: A Finnish symphonic metal band with a mix of classical and modern influences. Notable songs include “River of Tuoni” and “Circus Black”. I already told you that I know a lot about this genre, but he caught me with a Dutch group (Delain), that I didn’t know, Fairyland. Without a doubt, I give it a ten as a recommender. And I invite you to try it because it is very worth it. >

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