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Tumblr introduced a subscription-based blog monetization system

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Tumblr, a platform managed by Automattic, presented its own mechanism to generate profits with the work of its users: the implementation of subscription charges.

Thanks to this change, users of this blogging platform will be able to define subscription rates to access their publications.

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Tumblr Boost Post, new Monetization system

This paywall was called Post Plus and allows creators to offer a subscription of $ 3.99, $ 5.99 or $ 9.99 per month per month, which gives readers access to any publication they choose to designate as restricted access material for subscribers only. .

This tool, currently extended to a limited group of beta testers, raises a mechanism very similar to what Substack offers: a blog and an easy way for writers to charge for it, omitting the element newsletter within your equation.

A launch dedicated to this function is planned for the next quarter, according to what they say from The Verge. The benefit that Tumblr would obtain with this initiative is the retention of a fee of 5% of subscriptions, 10% less than what Substack, the most direct competitor of this service, charges. However, due to the conditions inherent to these cases, if readers subscribe from iOS or Android, the 30% rates charged by application stores make the offer less competitive at the moment.

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This is the first news that reflects significant changes in Tumblr, since Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, acquired this platform in 2019. Although what we know today about this blogging platform is a bit different from what the presence of a payment wall, it is still an interesting instance to attract both creators and new readers, as well as another reason for permanence is given to those who are already regular users of it.

Tumblr is still a powerful platform, but with a much smaller reach today than in the past. It now receives 11.3 million daily posts, according to Tumblr’s press information page, up from 14.8 million at this time last year, and 67.7 million this time in 2012, according to the records of the page. Tumblr struggled during the transition from predominantly computer-oriented browsing to the dominance of mobile devices, and later stalled after being bought by Yahoo in 2013 and Verizon in 2017. Currently, its largest audience is concentrated on the Generation Z.

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