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TSMC in Arizona, visit of Cook, Biden and co: there will be two factories, turning point for the USA

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The eagerly awaited meeting between Tim Cook, Joe Biden and the vertices of TSMC extension including founder Morris Chang a Phoenixin Arizonafinally there was. All the rumors of the eve therefore confirmed, it is also true that the US factory of the Taiwanese giant it will cost approximately 40 billion dollars, if there are no changes in progress that will further push up the value of the investment. Many gods doubts and uncertainties have been erased by the meeting, one left: the plant, the first of TSMC in the United States, will produce at the maximum of the available technology or will the most advanced resources remain based in Taiwan?

Of the two, the feeling, also thanks to the rumors that arrived yesterday from the Financial Times, is that the second is more likely, with the American production of the giant limited to the previous generation to the most advanced available. However, Apple may be fine anyway, because lately it seems that the trend in the iPhone family is to reserve the most advanced chips only for the Pro models. And if, as it seems then, we will not be able to free ourselves completely by the winds of uncertainty blowing from Asia, at least yes will secure part of the production.

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It will be clearer in the future. Meanwhile, words full of satisfaction from Tim Cook, who worked behind the scenes with his staff to ensure that the first production of 2024 will be at 4 nanometers. There USA production at 3 nanometers will be entrusted to second factory which will go into operation in 2026 (first brick in 2023, also in Phoenix), when, according to TSMC’s plans and forecasts, the first 2 nm chips will already have been in the works for a year (further confirmation of the N minus 1 told by the FT).

Yesterday’s meeting between the big names in the American technology industry and President Joe Biden it was organized to inaugurate the arrival in Arizona of the machinery necessary for the production. The factory, tell the colleagues of theverge.com that were present, is a large, modern building surrounded by newly laid ribbons of asphalt and cacti that survived the bulldozers that worked in the desert. This and the second factory to be built nearby will guarantee one production of over 600,000 wafers per yeara level sufficient according to the leaders of the White House to satisfy the entire US demand for technologically advanced chips.

The chips will power iPhones and MacBooks, as Tim Cook can confirm – the President said Biden. Apple had to buy the chips overseas. Now a part of the supply chain will be here, at home.

The advances made with Apple Silicon have transformed our products,” he said Tim Cook. When you think about it, it’s amazing what technology can achieve through chips. And now, thanks to the hard work of so many people, these chips can proudly be labeled ‘Made in America’.

TSMC has become a foundation on which the world technology industry stands – he said Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia. Getting TSMC to invest in the US is a masterstroke and a game-changing step forward for the industry.

TSMC’s double investment in Arizona was encouraged by the strategy of the American administration, which, mindful of the consequences of the first pandemic and the energy crisis triggered by the conflict in Ukraine, legislated to protect the interests of its companies. Thus was born the push for support the internal production of the components And reduce dependence on foreign countrieswhich, as Foxconn’s very recent difficulties in China have shown, can undermine the economic health of even “battleships” of the caliber of Apple.

Hence the package, CHIPS and Science Act signed by Biden in August, which further enticed TSMC with the allocation of $52 billion for domestic chip production. Chang, founder of TSMC, said that building a plant in America had been a dream of his for many years: “The dream that I have been carrying around for 25 years will be realized by Mark” Liu, current present of the company.

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Image credits: Andy Blye, The Verge.

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