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Truth Social, Donald Trump’s network, now available on the Google Play Store

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The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, after seeing how his profiles were blocked on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook after the seizure of the United States Capitol and the inauguration of current president Joe Biden, made the decision to have his own social network: Truth Social.

Truth Social offers the user a user experience and operation very similar to that of Twitter

And it has not been easy for it to be available, as it already is, for download in the Play Store, the app store for the Android operating system, since last August Google blocked it due to the «insufficiency of its content moderation policies«.

The essential reason is that Truth Social, with an approach very similar to Twitter, boasts premises that promote “open, free and honest global conversation” which, due to the absence of limitations on the expression of its users, can come to house offensive and hateful content.

Now Google has allowed its inclusion in the Play Store “as long as they comply with the guidelines that developers must respect, which includes active moderation of user-generated content, while remove content that promotes violence«. According to Google in Truth Social, they have committed to comply with these guidelines in line with what happened with another similar social network, Parler, which also suffered a blockade by Google after the disturbances in the Capitol during the inauguration of President Biden .

As a consequence of Trump’s activity at that time, different social networks blocked his profiles, which prompted him to create his own social network, Truth Social, which was initially scheduled to start its activity in February 2021, but was delayed. The consequence of this was circumstances such as the aforementioned deficiency in content moderation, in addition to other legal and economic problems related to the company that manages the platform, owned by Donald Trump.