Tricks to discover the best restaurants from Google Maps


Among the various things that we can do from Google Maps, one of the most interesting without a doubt It turns out to be discovering and finding various restaurantsboth in our town and anywhere in the world you want.

Under this concept, today we bring some tricks that you can apply in Google Maps to discover good level restaurants wherever you areso if you are interested in this topic, keep reading to know more.

Take advantage of Google Maps filters

Not all users know it, but within Google Maps you can find, just below the search bar, various tabs to find something specific, Call yourself hotels, parks, supermarkets, gas stations, and yes, restaurants.

By clicking on this Restaurants tab, the screen will zoom out a bit and show you the various places to eat in the area. Now, below the search bar, just in the left corner, there it will appear a button you can click to add various filters to your search. In fact, you can order the restaurants based on their relevance, distance, rating, hours, price, etc.

Pay attention to the restaurant’s rating

This point closely related to the aforementioned of the filters, turns out to be one of the most important since it is through the general assessment of a restaurant, where you can really know how good it is and how the public rates it. For this, all you have to do is click on the restaurants tab that is below the search bar, and then click on the Best Rated or Best Rated box.

Find news in nearby places and listen to local guides

By clicking on the Explore button, located in the lower left corner of the screen, you will be able to find various news and recommendations of all kinds in the place of the map that you indicateincluding restaurants of course.

As such, these points of interest have been recommended thanks to the different reviews submitted by users, so you will be able to see the opinion of local guides about the restaurants and know how your experience has been in them.

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