Tricks to charge your mobile faster


The tricks to charge your mobile in the shortest possible time they can save you from having to wait hours before being able to return to an important conversation or resume a game of your favorite game.

The temperature influences the charging process of a mobile, so it is advisable to remove the case while charging.

Many latest generation mobiles have fast charging technology, and there are even different apps to save battery. Sometimes none of this is enough, since the factors that influence the speed of the charging sessions of a smartphone are varied. But you can always improve it by applying certain tricks to charge your mobile, as some will help you reduce waiting time by up to 25%.

Tips to make your mobile charge faster

– Turn off the phone: It is the simplest and most obvious trick, but at the same time the one that is most often overlooked. If you turn off the mobile while charging, there will be nothing that can consume the battery during the process. Taking this simple precaution can make your device take 15 minutes less to reach 100%.

– Activate charging mode: some of the most modern smartphones have a function that optimizes the charging process. Also, if you charge the mobile connected to the PC, you must make sure that the USB charging mode is activated.

– Do not use wireless charging: There is no doubt that the possibility of charging the mobile without the need for cables is one of the most impressive innovations in the field of mobile telephony. However, wireless charging is much slower. In some cases, it can take up to 50% longer than you normally would using a cable.

– Make sure you use a good quality cable: That’s right, the quality of the cable you use to charge the phone is a fundamental aspect. The reason is very simple: while a 28 gauge wire can carry around 0.5 amps, a larger and better quality 24 gauge wire carries 2 amps. Consequently, the artifact will charge faster.

– Enable airplane mode: It obeys a very similar foundation to that of the trick to turn off the mobile. However, by activating the airplane mode what you want to avoid is that the device consumes battery due to a bad signal while charging.

– Do not use the mobile while charging: This is a tip that will not only help you to allow your phone to charge faster, but also to extend the life of your battery.

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