Tricks that do work to charge your phone faster

mobile phone charger

If you plug in your mobile phone at night to recharge the battery and unplug it in the morning there is no problem because everyone will be ready when you wake up. But things change when we want the phone to charge quickly and we don’t know what to do. You’re getting dressed to go out and you want your phone to be ready. In that case, follow these tricks to charge your phone quickly and have it ready to go.

Today’s chargers and phones they take less and less time to recharge the battery and half an hour is enough in many cases for it to be 100%. But not always. And that is why it is essential that we know what we should look for.

Choose the cable and charger well

It is essential that we choose a good charger to recharge the battery of our mobile phone. Generally, today’s phones have a charger included in the pack when we buy it, but not always. And if you buy one separately, it is recommended that you make sure that it is compatible, that it is certified and that it has the appropriate power. If we take any other charger with a high-end mobile it is likely that we are losing fast charging capability.

The same goes for cables or adapters. Make sure it has enough power and that we can get the most out of its features.

Be careful with plugs

There are many plugs today that are multipliers or that have a space for the traditional plug but other USB ports. Or you can also find it in hotels and other establishments. The USB port on the wall or adapter will not charge at the same speed Have your cable connected directly to the power with your mobile phone adapter. You’re going to have much less speed in this case. The same thing happens with power strips or if you connect it to the computer.

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Always plug in and you will make it go faster. And if you use a USB multiplier make sure it has different ports and that one of them is fast charging.

Turn off the mobile phone

One of the best things we can do when charging the phone is to turn it off so that it charges faster. You will achieve a much shorter loading time thanks to this simple trick because there will be nothing running in the background. Logically, the phone turned off will charge much faster than if you are with the phone plugged in watching Instagram reels in bed. There will be no process that will slow it down and if you are not using it, there may be some process in the background that makes it go much slower.

Disable all connections

In the event that you do not want to turn it off for whatever reason, it is recommended that you deactivate all possible connections and all those that you are not going to use. Turn off Bluetooth if you have it turned on, turn off location, mobile data, or any other connection you have that you won’t need at the time.

If you don’t need anything but don’t want to turn it off, you can put the Airplane mode for a few minutes and it will help you load much faster. It will turn off all possible connections and cause the battery to refill automatically.

Airplane mode mobile calls

No screen or sounds

There are other fundamental tips that we can follow, such as deactivating all types of sounds or notifications. Receiving calls or vibrating mode will drain the battery, although it may not seem credible to you. If you disable everything, you will get more speed.

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Another problem we usually have is that We continually turn on the screen to see how the charging is going when we are in a hurry. It’s best to forget about your phone and keep the screen off until you’re ready to unplug it. This way you will get the battery to recharge much faster.