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Tricks on Twitter: what is the use of ‘downloadbot’ and ‘remember mebot’ Twitter Bots

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Actually in Twitter there are different Twitter bots useful to make life easier for users on the platform, with which different activities can be carried out without having to go to a third party.

Downloading videos and remembering tweets are some of the hidden tricks that the platform has and that can be found as accounts on the social network that serve as a bot that helps to carry out different actions autonomously.

These Twitter accounts usually publish information/content periodically or punctually in response to date and time, events, etc., in which some users on the social network have used this application on a recurring basis.

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Downloader Bot @DownloaderBot, account to download videos on Twitter
Downloader Bot @DownloaderBot, account to download videos on Twitter

Download videos from Twitter

One of the functions most chosen by users is to download videos on the platform. From statements by current characters, through funny montages, to animals, these are some of the most downloaded products on the platform.

And although Twitter does not offer the possibility of downloading them directly from the social network, there are some bots that people can use so that they do not have to resort to third parties to do it. Some of the options are Video Downloader Bot @DownloaderBot, DownloadBotm @DownloadBot and Video Downloader @DownloadVid.

In all cases, the user will only have to reply to the message containing the video quoting the bot that you want to use, so the account will reply to your message with a tweet in which you will find a link from which you can download the clip. And later you can use it easily, if you want to forward it to other social networks.

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Remember meBot @RecuerdameBot account in which users can use it to remind them of a tweet at the moment in which they indicate it

Remember meBot @RecuerdameBot account in which users can use it to remind them of a tweet at the moment in which they indicate it

Screenshot of a tweet

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Another of the options that the platform has is to capture screens and although the phones can already perform the capture on its own, sometimes it doesn’t work out, that’s why there are different options that allow you to perform this action.

there are three bots to perform this action, one of them is pikaso @pikaso_mein which you just have to post an answer in the Tweet you want the screenshot with the text “@pikaso_me screenshot this” and, in response to your message, you will get the screenshot vertically, so you can share it on social networks like instagram.

Another option is Screenshot Guru @ScreenshotGuruin which the user will have to send a direct message to the bot, which will respond in the same way with the capture. And finally, Screenshot Bot @_screenshoterwhich is also quoted in the same tweet to bot and you will get a normal capture.

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other functions

Another of the most used resources within the platform are Remember MeBot @RememberMeBot, in which users can use it to remind them of a tweet at the time they indicate it, with time, day and year.

Thread Reader App @threadreaderapp It is one of the hidden options that the platform has, in which, according to the Twitter account, it can help you read the threads in a better and more fluid way. To use it, all you have to do is cite the bot in a reply to any of the messages that make up the thread.

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