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Trick for Gmail: changes that improve the use of Google software

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The gmail app is popular for many reasons. One of them is that we are talking about a free tool and another reason is that it is a job that is loaded with very useful functions. However, some of its default options can be annoying or limiting. We show you the ones that you must modify so that this is not the case. Fortunately, that can be fixed as we tell you and, for this, you simply have to make some changes in the Gmail settings. You will find a surprising number of settings that you can modify to optimize the interface and even improve the operation of the google mail client. Surely you will find some functions that you did not know about before and that come in handy. The changes that we recommend you to make in Gmail If you are not sure where to start, we show you five that are essential as you will check. Among them are five options that will make Gmail much more useful and, in addition, they are valid for almost everyone. They are the following: Maximum page size: Less than 50 messages are few to see in the Gmail interface, since one hundred are perfectly visible. Well, locate this option in the settings and simply increase the capacity. You will see how you appreciate it and you are more productive. Undo send: I’m sure you’ve sent something you shouldn’t have on some occasion… Activating this function allows you to recover the email before it’s actually sent to correct a typographical error or reformulate a sentence about which I have doubts. The back message takes about 30 seconds, which is great, but you can even reduce this time. Keyboard Shortcuts – Using these makes life so much easier. In addition, you can also activate custom keyboard shortcuts to really boost these (in Gmail there is a page where you can see all the ones that exist). Unread Message Icon: For some people, seeing how many unread messages they have isn’t helpful (it can even be distracting). If you’re like that, it’s best to leave messages that require follow-up in your Inbox. You can continue to see in a subtle and effective way the information we are talking about. Stars: In Gmail, mark an email with a star to make it easier to follow up, but that single yellow star is a default that can be easily changed to include more color options. Doing this improves the use of the application and you will be able to use it in a very accurate and visual way, which reduces time. >

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