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Trick: Find your parked car using WhatsApp

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There are numerous tricks to use WhatsApp that you may not know exist. Some of these tricks we have been telling you, but this one that we are going to comment on today we had not commented until now.

Send yourself the location of your car in a chat with yourself through WhatsApp to know where you parked

Do you know that you can use WhatsApp to know where you have parked your car? It is a very simple and quite useful trick, which will allow you to avoid going around the parking lot trying to find out where you had left your vehicle, or walking street after street because you can’t remember where you had parked it.

One solution is to take a photograph of the place where you parked, but of course, it may be that if you do not take references in the image, for example, the name of the street, you will not know later where your car was parked because you will not be able to identify the place.

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Well, the easiest thing is to create a chat with yourself within WhatsApp and then send you the location in that same chat. This way you will have the possibility of knowing the exact location and even go to it easily with a map.

How to create a chat with yourself on WhatsApp

To create the chat with yourself on WhatsApp, do the following:

-Choose the “New Group” option and select one of the people you have added in WhatsApp as a contact. The one you want, you don’t need to notify him, although he will know that you have put him in that group.

-For a name to the group, the one you want. Once it is created, delete the other person, so you will remain as the only member of the group and you will be able to send messages that only you will see.

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Now what you have to do is share the location in that group when you park. To do this, go to the bottom of the screen and click on the clip icon. There, click on “Location” and then on “Send my Location”.

Thus, you will be very clear about where you have left your vehicle and, to find it, all you have to do is access the chat with yourself, see the location, and follow the directions on the map.

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