Tremendous! These are the almost 40 projects that Amazon has canceled in its history

tremendous! these are the almost 40 projects that amazon has
tremendous! these are the almost 40 projects that amazon has

As you probably already know, Amazon is not just an online store. It is also one of the most advanced technology companies since its founding. But not all the ideas they have designed have ended up becoming a success. Actually, there are almost 40 projects that have been canceled.

Amazon’s history is sadly accompanied by a virtual graveyard in which 37 projects have been buried in which the company has not finished seeing viability. Some of them might have soared if they had received more support, others saw their end long before anyone would have thought. There were also those that were canceled because there was nowhere to see their profitability. Today we talk about them so you know what could be.

online services

Many of the Amazon initiatives on the web they have ended up shutting down, as is the case with It’s obvious that Amazon likes the name Alexa. Before the existence of the virtual assistant, the company already had a service with the same name. It was a website that analyzed the traffic of web pages and also served as a system to calculate the popularity of the pages of the time. Amazon bought the service in 1999, but decided to close it in 2022.

In the case of Amazon Assistant, it could have become one of the most popular extensions for users of online stores, since it allowed to compare the prices between Amazon and other stores. This has been one of the last cancellations that Amazon has made, since it has disappeared in 2023. One of the aspects that annoyed users the most is that the company did not provide any explanation in relation to its closure. Is it that their prices were no longer so victorious in comparison with other businesses? However, there are users who hope that the function will revive in some additional Amazon project so that it is not something that has to be left in third-party extensions.

With Amazon Drive, it is still possible to access the service, more precisely until December 31, 2023. But the application It has already disappeared from the iOS and Android stores and there is no way to take advantage of it except with the files that are already stored in the Amazon cloud. This is another of the company’s cancellations that is difficult to understand, since file storage services are a trend. In the statement published at the time, the entity said that it was closing this service to be able to concentrate its efforts on Amazon Photos, which is not a very good excuse either.


Although some of the manufacturer’s terminals are used by millions of people, not all of their ideas have come to fruition. Amazon Glow, for example, was a device that allowed the little ones in the house to play and videoconference with family members. The idea was that they could share the time with their grandparents and other people having a good time in an animated way. However, although the idea was very popular, it ended up having too many flaws and encountering many complications.

Amazon Halo bracelets had good ideas, but they didn’t quite succeed. With their smart wearable capacity, they would have managed to help us have a better state of health or sleep better. Fire TV Recast could have been just as useful if it had improved its DVR program recording capabilitybut as Amazon said when canceling the product, many of its functions are already included in other of its devices.


As much as Amazon is the best-known e-commerce giant in the world, the entity has not stopped showing its interest in have a physical presence on the streets. The paradox of this has been settled, as usual, with quite high-profile closures that have made clear the saying “shoemaker, to your shoes.” Also, many of these stores were only tested as a pilot program in the United States.

One of them was Amazon 4-star, an outlet store with refurbished and new products in which the company offered well-valued devices for sale in its store and which reached more than 30 stores. Its end came when the company decided that they had to concentrate on selling online. The same fate had the Amazon Books stores, which added more than 20 stores to try to do business by selling books in person.

And, of course, how can we forget about Amazon Go, the store where you could buy without stopping at the checkout and that it charged you when passing through the sensors that were on the doors. She became very famous and helped make the Amazon name everywhere. But in the end, it was obvious that the project was too innocent. Still, the company has said it’s looking for ways to reuse this technology or even give it away to other stores that might be interested.

Other projects and services canceled

The list is extreme and shows, if nothing else, that Amazon has a great desire to innovate. However, it is true that many of the most original projects can be found in the company’s past, when Jeff Bezos motivated his employees with the intention of presenting new ideas. Today, the entity’s management is committed to a more practical system and to concentrating on the product divisions that they know are successful, which means they have to cancel fewer projects.

If you’re curious about some of the other canceled projects, take note of these names: Amazon Care, Amazon Explore, Amazon Flex, Amazon Ignite, Amazon Personal Shopper, or GameOn. They also canceled the Amazon Scout delivery robot, but the company has other similar projects with which it is trying to renew the way it manages its deliveries. And let’s not forget that the company also canceled Amazon Smile, the charitable program with which it was possible to make donations. Amazon launched it at a time when it was being heavily criticized, helped improve its image, and then canceled it.

Although we have not mentioned the 37 canceled projects, we did want to focus on the ones we have considered most curious. Do you remember any other that was canceled and that you miss? Write a comment and tell us!

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