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Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures that exist, and if it is done with friends, even better. But to guarantee the success of the trip, it is necessary to plan it well beforehand, to avoid last-minute discussions and to be able to make the most of the time.

Most of the people I know plan everything in meetings, with the classic paper and pen, others use Google Docs, and the most daring dare with a spreadsheet, but there are other tools that can help with the issue.

One of them is Travis Together, a website that presents itself as a free and collaborative online moodboard tool for trip planning, where we can search and save places together in the map view, without logging in, among other things.

Travis offers the possibility to chat with up to 10 people at the same time, which helps to organize everything flexibly with tags, filtering and reordering, with a free space for notes.

They define it as a mixture of Pinterest, Figma and Google Map, and highlight the following functions:

share a link with friends to start collaborating, no login required.
Find and save places on an online whiteboard, together.
chat with up to 10 people in real time.
Cursors geolocated, to follow each other on the map.
panels editable, with the option to put them in read-only mode.
Search of places by name.
Information detailed information about the place: ratings, categories, website and more.
– “Things to do nearby” search engine.
– Exclusive content from creators.
– Option of labelfilter and reorder.
memo pad on-line.
Profiles individual.

The tool is 100% welcome, so you can start using it today without fear of scares in your pocket.

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