Although the technology that we use frequently is very advanced in everything related to its administration by users, there are still some complications. A clear example is when we change from Android to iOS platform or vice versa and want to keep WhatsApp information. Therefore, we want to present you a tool with which you can iphone-data-Transfer/soluciones-como-pasar-mensajes-whatsapp-de-android-a-iphone-8.html" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">transfer WhatsApp data from a samsung device to an iPhone easily.

His name is iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer and significantly facilitates the transfer of information between devices on different platforms.

Why is it not easy to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone?

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The change of mobile equipment by users can be something as frequent as the premiere of these in the market. However, we generally do replacements within the same environment, that is, from Android to Android, for example. In these scenarios, maintaining the data that we handle on WhatsApp does not represent any kind of challenge. The problem starts when we go from Android to iOS, but why?

The answer can be found in the ease of transferring information within the same platform. This is possible because in Android, the backups are stored in Google Drive, in that sense, everything is kept in the same environment. The same happens in iOS that stores backups in iCloud, providing default access to all Apple computers.

In this way, the incompatibility between the backup files of both platforms makes it impossible for us to transfer WhatsApp data from a Samsung to an iPhone, for example. However, Tenorshare iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer is an application capable of making this possible with the functions it incorporates.

Features offered by Tenorshare iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer

If you have a Samsung device or any Android device and you want to take your WhatsApp information to iOS, iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer is the perfect solution. This application has everything you need to migrate data between Android and iOS without complications. But it also incorporates a whole series of very interesting functions, aimed at managing data in mobile messaging apps.

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In that sense, within the features offered by iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer we have:

  • Easily transfer chats between Android and iOS.
  • One-click data backup and restoration.
  • Export conversations to files in HTML format.
  • Compatibility with the latest versions of Android and iOS.
  • Support for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Kik, Line, Viber and Wechat.

Taking into account that messaging applications store a lot of valuable personal information, iCareFone offers mechanisms to protect and support it. So, if you handle important conversations or want to keep all the data of your business conversations in WhatsApp Business, this is a perfect option.

iCareFone and its 4 steps to transfer WhatsApp data

Transferring WhatsApp data from a Samsung device to an iPhone is something that we would normally visit an expert for. However, iCareFone has turned this process into something that we can do ourselves without too much hassle. It is precisely one of the most significant points of this application, having a simple and understandable interface for anyone.

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This is also why it is so easy to carry out the data transfer process. There are 4 very simple steps that the application deserves to do its job. Broadly speaking, everything is based on connecting the iOS and Android equipment, waiting for the backup process and doing the validation process to send the data to the destination device.

We are talking about the fact that in a matter of about 15 minutes (depending on the amount of information), you will have all your WhatsApp data on your new computer.


This is an application that can be useful for any user, technical, basic or advanced. For example, if you have to change your mobile frequently, it would be great to have a simple way to transfer WhatsApp data. It can also be of great help in technical and business environments where IT personnel must perform this data migration frequently.

On the other hand, there is an important security factor in the possibility of generating backups of our information in messaging apps. Those who use WhatsApp frequently for all their communications, require an element of guarantee such as a backup. In this way, we can be protected against any loss of data, with the possibility of restoring them immediately with Tenorshare iCareFone WhatsApp Transfer.

In that sense, transferring WhatsApp data from a Samsung device to an iPhone doesn’t have to be a headache. This application makes it possible in a matter of a few minutes for any device regardless of brand or model.